Is your digital work based on a guessing game?

The practice of UX design has come a long way in the past 20 years, and most briefs now include phrases such as ‘user-focused’, ‘meet user needs’, ‘great UX’ etc. Despite this, too many digital projects are still built on often-flakey assumptions about their audience, rather than take the effort to get real user input. We see this particular in B2B.

Assumptions = best guess. Is it good business to use a best guess as the premise for spending tens of thousands on design and development?

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For any business serious about creating a user experience that differentiates their brand, qualitative user research is as essential as analytics. Everyone should do it. And it really isn’t difficult – any business can do it with relatively little effort. The benefits are a sharper digital strategy, more resonant design and more relevant content. What’s not to like?

So we’ve put together a mini-guide Get to know your users in 4 weeks to help clients get started. This covers the basics, but these are all you need at first. Download for free and enjoy.