We’re growing so we need to temporarily hijack our blog for recruitment…

There are three roles we’re looking for. These are below, but before you scroll down to take a peek, first understand how we work so you can decide if you have the kind of profile we seek. In a nutshell:

  • We work remotely: that means you need your own office, be it at home or in a shared workspace. We get together on regular occasions and spend time with clients as required.
  • You’ll be experienced, with a deep understanding of digital design and production allied commercial, marketing and brand knowledge.
  • You’ll be a great communicator across all digital media (written, Slack, Skype, Video Conf).
  • You’ll be able to manage yourself and your workload really well.
  • You’ll be an independent thinker with a wide range of interests and influences. Your opinion will be valued. Everyone at Hello you contributes ideas and adds real value to projects.
  • You’ll be used to agency/consultancy life and understand that sometimes we need to go that bit extra to get things done. Sometimes deadlines are a bit crazy. Reliability, commitment and delivering on time are super-important to us.
  • We don’t want big egos or prima donnas. We value the most important things in life: family, friends, food, health, fulfilling work, broad horizons. You get the picture.
    (An interest in bikes and dogs may also help with small talk and banter, but isn’t essential).
  • We’re flexible on hours. If you have family commitments and don’t want full time work, but can offer (for example) 12 or 20 hours a week, that’s fine. Our main motivation is to bring great people onto the team, so we can be flexible about how you want to work.
  • If you prefer contracted-per-job basis, then that’s fine too. We have a network of amazing, talented people we regularly work with like this. This could be a good way to start, so you get to know us, and we get to know you.

What do you get?

We’re a small business so you don’t get a ‘package’ with a car, health insurance, annual appraisals and all that guff. Sorry. What we can offer you is interesting and challenging work. We are nice to work with and treat you like a grown up. We’ll offer flexible working arrangements. You don’t have to commute, so can live pretty much anywhere with a decent internet connection. We’ll give you required hardware and software and contribute to your office space. You get amazing coffee (or tea, if you swing that way).

So who are we looking for? There are 3 roles:

1. Designer

Experienced UX / Digital Designer with brand and marketing savvy. We’re after high ability and high standards here. You’ll be able to take requirements and prototypes then do something amazing with them with a great angle, line or concept that brings your designs to life.

You’ll know what the latest digital design trends are, but won’t slavishly follow them. Your ideas would be influenced by a wide range of external interests. And you’ll understand how to work closely with our tech team to make sure your designs are faithfully brought to life.

(BTW, if you’re a younger designer who is blossoming, we want to hear from you too).

2. Project Leader

So what’s a Project Leader? It’s part Project Manager, part Analyst, part UX Consultant. It’s someone who can see a project through start to finish, and has the ability to analyse requirements, put together key UX recommendations and early prototypes, brief the designers, brief the copy, oversee the project from beginning to end. To do this, you need to be multi-talented, client-focused, committed, hands-on and smart.

3. Producer

Producers make things happen and make things work. Our Producers work with the Project Leaders to manage the technical development and content creation processes, leading the site build and testing, and delivering great end products. We want to recruit part-time producers, so if you’re after flexible working arrangements, it could be a perfect fit.

Interested? Drop us a line at jobs@helloyou.digital .

Final note: please, no recruitment agencies. We’re doing this direct for the timebeing. Thank you for respecting this.