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Updating a true gent of a US company client: First Continental BRAND / UX / DESIGN / DEVELOPMENT
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First Continental is a respected US financial services business based out of Houston, Texas. They provide a fairer approach to financing land development than your typical bank.

First Continental are a rare and refreshing case of a truly customer-centric business. Their success is testament this, with enviable levels of repeat business helping them to grow way beyond their native Texas.

Despite their success, their brand and digital presence hadn’t had any serious attention for well over a decade. Not only did it look poor, it failed to differentiate them nor communicate their ethos and values – something very close to their hearts. Our job was to bring everything bang up to date, to clearly communicate what they stand for, and to do it in a way that didn’t break with the past. Heritage matters.

Updating a true gent of a US company

Defining the visual language

Our initial focus was on brand evolution. Aside from looking outdated, the previous brand palette (yellow and black) was too close to a certain German tyre manufacturer with a similar name.

The heritage and quality of the business demanded a more upmarket palette and font set.

To do this, rich blues were introduced as primary colours and the yellow evolved to gold and assigned as the accent colour. A contemporary serif font was paired with a capitalised display font to modernise the typography.

The logo was tidied and evolved, but still recognisable to any client familiar with previous versions.

Creating the personal touch

First Continental is truly differentiated by its commitment to its people and the personalised service they provide to clients. Where many talk the talk about customer service but fail dismally in living up to it, these guys really deliver. It’s very refreshing for financial services. They understand the importance of CLTV.

We wanted to represent this in the design language, so across the site you’ll find imagery of their people, and signatures beneath to show real commitment. Small touches such as these communicate the truth behind the business.

Digital application

The site has a slim structure that focuses on telling the story clearly. Pages are built with a combination of brand elements to create a nice balance of image, graphic and typography. The hand drawn icons provide add a feel of quality which over-used stock icons can’t give.

The site is built on WordPress and fully editable.

Mobile application

The mobile experience retains the same quality and feel, through carefully considered responsive design layouts.

Interactive project mapping

The range of First Continental’s projects is presented through a custom Mapbox integration, enabling users to fluidly drill down to state and location to view project details.

Bringing it to life in the real world

A range of collateral was designed for sales and event support, creating a coherent brand experience across non-digital and digital touchpoints.

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