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Scandinavian design office interiors needed a digital makeover to reflect the quality of physical spaces client: No18 BRAND / UX / DESIGN
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No18 offers an exclusive top-tier shared workspace experience with environments more like luxury private members’ clubs than what you’d expect from co-working office space.

Located in architecturally notable buildings and with a fit-out similar to that of a boutique hotel, the team at No18 is uncompromising in its pursuit of design.  So when they needed to update their website presence to reflect this quality in the digital space, they came to us.

Scandinavian design office interiors needed a digital makeover to reflect the quality of physical spaces

Shared workspace or lifestyle brand?

No18 is a young brand aimed at business leaders and entrepreneurs looking for a different type of working experience, where they can make connections with like-minded peers in a gorgeous working environment.


They’ve big plans for global expansion. But with only 2 locations in their native Sweden when we started working with them, no one had ever heard of No18.

So our first task was to define a digital brand to support this expansion.

The brand needed to clearly stand apart from other shared workspace businesses. In fact, we didn’t want it to look anything like a shared workspace brand.

This is about selling a lifestyle, not offices. No18 is about far more than satisfying a rational need of somewhere to sit and work.

Brand and digital approach

We aimed to create an online experience that oozed the same quality as the physical environments, creating a feel that sparks desire amongst the target audience.

The interiors are the star of the show. The layouts are a vehicle for the photography, supported by a carefully chosen font set and a smart palette of black and gold.

A workspace you’ll long to return to

Mobile design retains the same quality and feel, all through carefully considered responsive design layouts.

Supporting a growing new brand

The site has helped support the growth of the new brand, from 2 locations in its native Sweden to 12 across Europe, the US and Singapore.

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