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Everything is awesome client: Legoland App planning / UX design
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Theme Parks are magical places for kids… but on a busy day, it can difficult for parents to know where to go or what to do next. They are popular places after all. It’s busy. It’s hot. The kids are hungry.

A good app has huge potential to enhance the visiting experience, as a help-in-your-hands for parents.

We worked closely with the in-house team and the platform developers to design the Legoland app to create the perfect virtual assistant for the visiting experience.

The brief:

  • Create an app experience that helps visitors make the most of their day, providing all the functionality you’d expect: clear mapping and directions to help find your away around, contextual information on upcoming shows and queue times, practical information and exclusive offers. Make it simple and fast to use.
  • Do all of this in a way that brings one of the World’s Great Brands to life within the small space of a phone interface.

The app is now deployed on the UK and US resorts and is currently being rolled out across the resorts in Denmark, Germany, Malaysia, Dubai and Japan.

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